Joy Slaughter



I'm looking forward to hearing about your project. Each and every manuscript is an adventure from the first plot bunnies to publication. 

There are few things I enjoy more than writing, and I have a fondness for editing, too.

"Collaboration is the key
to developing a stellar final project."

In 2013, I opened The Red Ink Society, a boutique copyediting business. I primarily edited for clients preparing for self-publication.


I also worked on several international translation projects, line editing for the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in Karbala, Iraq.

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I have published my own work in trade journals, newspapers, and anthologies. My pieces have won awards in categories for young adult fiction, poetry, and non-fiction inspirational essays.


In 2016, Flashover Press published my contemporary fiction novel, Crossing the Line. I am currently publishing an urban fantasy novella, and my work-in-progress is an epic fantasy novel I have been dabbling at for years. 

In college, I minored in fine art photography and ran a small photography business with my husband. Together, we produced family and fantasy images. 

I am an internationally-accredited logotherapist and existential analyst. I have a small philosophical counseling practice.

I hold certification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and have worked in EMS at the local and state level.

On the home front, my husband, Alan, and I have seven phenomenal children whom I homeschool.

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A Few of My Works

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